Tuesday, October 30, 2012

out for a walk

Yesterday we walked to Hudson Gardens (which is practically next door) to get some local honey from their big hives. And I learned that they don't even sell their own honey, but other places do. That makes no sense!

Also, Silas is currently rocking the trend of mixing patterns. And he looks so good doing it too!

Happy Tuesday!
new with tags vest: $5.50 - suede moccasins: $3.50
hit up your local consignment store! Our rocks & we got these (and more!) great deals!


  1. Adorable!!!

    And that makes no sense at all they wouldn't sell their own honey! Just dumb
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  2. i love those mocs. archer needs some for the chilly boston weather! silas looks sooo much older in this pic!
    also, we live about 30 min from the airport. do you just have a layover or will you be here for a while? i'd love to meet up!


Thanks for your comment love!


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